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View Article Icon 2017-12-13  High B.C. housing demand, prices fuelled by strong economy: Study
View Article Icon 2017-12-11  Pace of Canadian housing starts picks up, six-month trend highest in years: CMHC
View Article Icon 2017-12-01  Over a third of Canadians have no idea about new mortgage rules changes, but are planning
View Article Icon 2017-11-27  10 stats you should know about Toronto's new home market heading into 2018
View Article Icon 2017-11-22  Feds housing plan not seen as 'major game changer' for desperate buyers
View Article Icon 2017-11-15  Toronto, Vancouver housing to become less affordable 'when the fog clears': CIBC
View Article Icon 2017-11-13  Strength in Vancouver market pushes Canada new home prices up 0.2% in September
View Article Icon 2017-11-10  These 4 GTA areas are poised for huge commercial and residential growth
View Article Icon 2017-11-08  Experts see some relief for Vancouver's tight housing market by late 2018
View Article Icon 2017-11-06  Greater Montreal homes sold quicker in Oct. as prices rose seven per cent
View Article Icon 2017-10-30  The death of the single-detached home is here: CMHC
View Article Icon 2017-10-20  Canadian home resales edge higher in September: CREA - Reuters
View Article Icon 2017-10-18  Canadian housing having Goldilocks moment: Royal LePage - BNN
View Article Icon 2017-10-04  Canada's housing affordability at worst level since 1990: RBC
View Article Icon 2017-10-02  All of Canada's top 20 luxury home markets are in BC and Ontario - Buzz
View Article Icon 2017-09-25  Canada's housing market set to impact the country's economy in 2018. Here's how-Buzz
View Article Icon 2017-09-20  Canada's housing market seen headed for deceleration over next 5 years - CBC News
View Article Icon 2017-09-18  CREA cuts national home resale outlook, driven by Ontario market - CBC News
View Article Icon 2017-09-15  Canada housing starts rise unexpectedly in August: CMHC
View Article Icon 2017-09-04  Here’s how Millennials could be driving up BC condo prices - BuzzBuzzNews
View Article Icon 2017-08-31  Poll: Canada's roaring housing market set to cool, but only a bit - Reuters
View Article Icon 2017-08-28  Renters beware: Fraudsters using old real estate listing in scam - CTV News
View Article Icon 2017-08-21  Average price of Canadian home sold in July inched down 0.3% to $478,696 ... - CBC News
View Article Icon 2017-08-18  What's keeping Greater Vancouver's housing market from rebalancing? - BuzzBuzzNews
View Article Icon 2017-08-16  The reason Ontario's Fair Housing Plan 'looks like a policy win': BMO - BuzzBuzzNews
View Article Icon 2017-08-14  9 stats you should know about Toronto's housing market in July 2017 - BuzzBuzzNews
View Article Icon 2017-08-11  Montreal home sales sizzle in summer as Vancouver, Toronto chill - CTV News
View Article Icon 2017-08-09  Mortgages are eating up slightly less of Calgarians' incomes - Calgary Herald
View Article Icon 2017-08-07  Vancouver real estate market unfazed by foreign buyers' tax one year later - CBC News
View Article Icon 2017-08-04  High housing costs spur multigenerational households in Canada - Reuters
View Article Icon 2017-07-26  In these Canadian cities housing is actually becoming more, not less ... - BuzzBuzzNews
View Article Icon 2017-07-19  Average Canadian house worth $504,458 in June, down 10% since April - CBC News
View Article Icon 2017-07-07  This expert says one country has an even bigger housing bubble than Canada - BuzzBuzzNews
View Article Icon 2017-07-05  Home prices to remain flat across Canada in 2018, says RBC - is this... - Global News
View Article Icon 2017-06-28  Spending on home renovations in Alberta soars to record high $1.8B - CBC News
View Article Icon 2017-06-21  Canadian home sales fell 6% in May, but prices still higher than last year - CBC News
View Article Icon 2017-06-19  Why are home prices in these 3 markets rising faster than Canada's? - BuzzBuzzNews
View Article Icon 2017-06-08  Canadians’ preference for online mortgage transactions is growing... BuzzBuzzNews
View Article Icon 2017-06-02  What more can policymakers do to cool Canadian housing? Lots, says the IMF - BuzzBuzzNews
View Article Icon 2017-05-27  Canada home resales fall in April as market cooling begins: CREA - BNN
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